With its new smart “ready to share” service, the innovative brand reinvents carsharing: Say hello to the convenient way to share your smart with friends, colleagues, or neighbors.

Freelancer unterhalten sich im Coworking-Space
Share your smart with friends.

Urban car owners know the score: When it’s not in use, owning a car can be a hassle. Meanwhile, modern carsharing systems like car2go help urbanites to stay mobile without the need for any long-term commitments.

But what about those who can’t – or won’t – give up their own car? With smart “ready to share,” smart has come up with a brand new approach and fundamental rethink of the carsharing concept.

smart “ready to share“ lets smart owners share their own car and its associated costs via smartphone. And while the simple and secure set-up covers many different use scenarios, the technology behind it all relies on the tried-and-tested car2go carsharing system.

smart ready to share makes sharing your smart easy

The new service allows you to treat your smart like, say, your own apartment. Via smartphone, you can hand virtual keys to friends and family to give them access as required when you don´t need to use it or to save money and while you are traveling.

The driving force behind smart “ready to share” is the principle of sharing, the sharing economy.

new carsharing app ready to share on an iPhone
Manage your bookings via app.
a woman is ready to pick up a smart
smart key

According to smart CEO Dr. Annette Winkler, “the new culture of sharing is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and resource-efficient – and it has reached the car a while ago. With our private carsharing service smart “ready to share,” we aim to boost the overall quality of urban life. What we’re launching is no less than an Airbnb for the automotive industry.”

Trusted tech allows for a transparent service

smart “ready to share” uses the same technology as smart “ready to drop”: Starting now, smart drivers in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne, and Bonn have the option to get their cars fitted with a connectivity box, allowing authorized users to access the vehicles via smartphone.

Whether that’s couriers delivering online orders to the trunk of the smart or friends and acquaintances wishing to rent the car to run their own errands – the owner always retains full control over whether, when, for how long, and who can use the car.

der neue smart Service ready to share auf einem iPhone
The smart is returned within a defined homezone.
Photo: Daimler AG

smart ready to share: efficient and simple

The app also doubles as a digital driver’s log, providing owners with a detailed overview of who has used the car – and when. This makes smart “ready to share” an excellent option for entrepreneurs and freelancers who use their smart for their job, but also wish to share it outside of office hours.

And since the smart owner defines a so-called homezone for pick-up and return, the service remains a very practical option for managing their own fleet even more (cost-)effectively.

Drei Personen versammeln sich um den smart ready to share
Use your smart with friends – for flexible mobility.

With smart “ready to share,” the smart “ready to” portfolio has gained a key new service following smart “ready to park+”, smart “ready to rent”, and smart “ready to drop”. With the new sharing service, the smart lab has created an innovative approach to using vehicles in an urban environment more efficiently and intelligently.

The result is a visionary concept designed to make a lasting contribution to contemporary urban living.

After all, we know that sharing is caring and that having a car in a city only makes sense when it’s actually being used.