When it comes to the city car of the future – what are our expectations? Most of all, we want it to be a true partner in all our urban adventures. With their networked services, the new fully electric smart EQ fortwo, smart EQ forfour, and smart EQ fortwo cabrio help us navigate the metropolitan bustle with ease, as the following five situations show.

Friday afternoon: making plans

The project is finished, the weekend beckons. You are ready to head home. The agile smart EQ fortwo makes maneuvering the streets safe and easy – relevant traffic information is pushed straight to your smartphone. Time to make plans for the weekend: Use the steering wheel’s push-to-talk button to shoot off a quick text to your loved one(s) at home. Then select your favorite song from a Spotify playlist for the perfect soundtrack and start to your weekend.

the smart EQ fortwo at night
Our partner in these urban adventures: the new smart EQ fortwo.

Saturday morning: electrified living

What could be better than waking up on a Saturday morning? No alarm call, no urgent to-dos or appointments. But it’s beautiful outside – and the smart EQ forfour has enough room for a few friends. After breakfast at your favorite cafe, head out into town. And thanks to radar-based reach optimization you don’t have to worry about your route: The vehicle’s radar sensor assesses current traffic conditions and automatically switches to the optimal recuperation mode. You quickly reach your intended goal – leaving more time for a leisurely stroll.

The new smart EQ forfour drives through Berlin
Through the city in a smart EQ forfour – thanks to optimized reach.

Saturday night: always up-to-date

It’s dusk when you get to the movie theater. They’ve installed charging stations near your parking spot where you can recharge the smart’s battery – now at 10 percent after the day’s extended adventures. Thanks to fast charging, the car is back at 80 percent after less than 40 minutes*. The smart EQ control app not only keeps you up-to-date on the car’s charge level, but also helps you pay for charging or to reserve a parking spot. So, feel free to relax and enjoy the movie.

The smart EQ forfour at a charging station
Quick and convenient: topping up the battery at one of the city’s many charging stations.

Sunday: time for a road trip

The city is your natural home. But today you feel like heading out. Radiant sunshine makes the smart EQ fortwo cabrio an obvious choice. The trunk has enough space for all your beach essentials and a portable BBQ, while lane-keeping and side wind assistants always keep you on track, including wide highways. Use voice control to enter your destination, a beautiful lake, into the navigation system. After all, what could be better than spending a stunning day cruising through fields and meadows in an open-top car, feeling the wind in your hair?

Interior of the smart EQ fortwo cabrio
The sky is the limit: inside the world’s first electric convertible.

Sunday night: sofa bliss

With a blissful smile on your face, still glowing from the last rays of sun, you’re ready to relax on the couch. Your car is charging at the wallbox, the private charging station installed in the garage. smart “ready to share“ requests by friends for the coming week are already trickling in on your smartphone. The “ready-to” package, which comes as standard with the special edition, makes use of the car’s keyless entry function: With it, you can let friends and colleagues book and use your car – fuss-free carsharing at its best.

A man uses the smart ready to share app
Built-in carsharing: share your smart with friends.

For more information on the new smart models, click here.

Images show special editions.
smart EQ forfour nightsky edition scheduled to be available for order from Q3/2018.
smart EQ control app scheduled for release in Q3/2018.
smart “ready to share“ available as standard in Germany, Italy, and France.