A reliable digital companion: The new smart EQ control app supports smart drivers with plenty of handy functions, making electrified travel even easier. The digital co-pilot is always on hand and simplifies the user’s life in the city- each and every day.

Picture the scene: On a sizzling summer’s day, you’re about to take a drive – but your car is boiling hot inside. Air conditioning or not, there are certainly more pleasant ways to spend your time than waiting for your car to cool down to the perfect temperature.

The new smart EQ control app makes this scene a thing of the past. Now, smart drivers can preset their car’s air conditioning from anywhere, for an enjoyable ride in stifling summer heat – or wintry chill. Overnight snow and bone-chilling frost? No problem. The smart EQ control app lets you preheat your smart to a toasty temperature: Simply preset the time for cosy comfort or use the app for on-spec, spontaneous air con activation.

Busy day ahead? Don’t worry, you won’t run out of juice. The smart EQ control app lets you keep an eye on your car’s charging state – at the office, while you’re shopping or even at your yoga class. To prevent unwanted surprises, the app will also notify you by push message when, for example, your battery charge falls below 30 % or when your tyre pressure is low.

Still worried about running low on battery while you’re out and about? The app has another ace up its sleeve: an integrated charging service in cooperation with Plugsurfing (scheduled for Q3) that turns the charging station hunt into child’s play. So, no matter what you’re looking for: Your digital companion has your back.

The smart EQ control app helps users find the next charging station.
Foto: 6sept13

All smart EQ control app features at a glance:

  • pre-air conditioning of the interior via preset or instant activation
  • at-a-glance information on charging state, remaining charging time and reach
  • intelligent and cost-optimised charging
  • up-to-date information on average consumption, mileage, eco score, tyre pressure and the next maintenance date
  • intelligent push messages

The app is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2018 and will be available for smartphones running iOS or Android. The app will also be compatible with existing smart electric drive models (453 series and later).

The app’s full range of function depends on your electric vehicle’s model year and equipment. You will also need an active (free) account on the smart portal and accept the terms of use. You can revisit these terms at any time on the portal or in the app.