Just in time for summer, a new smart breathes a gust of fresh air into the brand’s lively product range: The smart cabrio electric drive is eco-friendly, offers three times the driving fun, and comes with plenty of exciting extras.

When it comes to electrified urban driving fun, smart has played a pioneering role since 2007. A decade after a small test fleet of electric smart fortwo cars took to the streets of London, the brand is the world’s first manufacturer to electrify its entire conventionally powered model range.

red smart electric drive convertible situated at a mountain lake
Open up to summer. The smart cabrio electric drive.

The current, fourth generation of smart not only offers the smart fortwo or smart forfour as electric drive models: In July, the brand’s popular staples are joined by the smart cabrio electric drive – the world’s only fully electric mass-produced convertible.

smart cabrio electric drive

The locally emission-free car is agile, practical, and a joy to drive, offering triple flexibility under any conditions.

With the soft top completely open for sunny outings to the nearest lake, city beach, or daytrip destination; with the large sliding canvas sunroof seamlessly adjusted for cooler conditions; or completely closed during spells of rain or the chilly season.

woman driving a red smart electric drive convertible in a town full of green
Open drop-top – immediate joy.

The pure joy of a convertible

Whether open, closed, or adjusted just right – the smart cabrio electric drive is a joy to navigate in any configuration. There’s simply nothing quite like the immediacy of driving a nippy convertible.

It’s almost eerie how the smart cabrio electric drive, with its 60 kW (82 hp) and 160 Newton meters of torque, seems to float out of starting block with plenty of power, but the quietest of purrs. With its almost soundless performance, it doesn’t distract driver or passers-by – instead, it adds to the sense of being part of the city, of having it all right in your own cockpit.

smart CEO Dr. Annette Winkler shares her impressions of the electrifying driving experience: “The roof opens in a matter of seconds and you cruise almost silently through the city, feeling the fantastic acceleration get right under your skin.”

Savvy drivers don’t even need to shift gears – like most electric cars, the smart cabrio electric drive features a single fixed gear ratio with forward and reverse gear.

woman driving the red smart electric drive convertible on a street alongside the lake
Feel the summer breeze on your face.

Double-speed charging comes as standard

A fully charged smart cabrio electric drive 17.6 kWh lithium ion battery translates to a range of up to 155 kilometers (according to NEDC) in urban traffic conditions. Recharging it takes just a few hours at any regular power outlet.

The new standard on-board charger even halves the charging time (compared to the predecessor), depending on country version and grid conditions. Those looking for an even faster turnaround will appreciate the announcement of a new fast charger (release date: spring 2018) that promises to cut charging to less than 45 minutes (0-80%).

At the same time, the brand’s new electric convertible also embraces the digital realm: The “smart control” app for smartphones, tablets, or PCs ensures that drivers are always just a wireless click away from interacting with their vehicle.

App options include managing the car’s charging cycle and climate control by allowing users to set the desired battery charging state and interior temperature for two recurring times of the day – e. g. their morning commute to the office or a regular evening gym run.

electric drive design package and the “greenflash” special edition

To match its exalted status, the electric convertible boasts an extensive range of extra equipment: A shift lever knob in black leather, a center console with drawer and double cup holder, a dashboard instrument with power meter and battery status display and the Cool & Audio package all come as standard.

Those who appreciate an even more exclusive look will love the “electric drive design package” special edition with its tridion safety cell, door mirror caps, and other elements painted an exclusive electric green.

green smart electric drive convertible in a city
All set for a summery joy ride.
dashboard of the electric drive convertible
open top of the smart electric drive convertible
seat of the a green smart ed convertible
a green smart ed convertible in a park

Want to go green all the way? With its eye-catching design details, the smart electric drive greenflash completes the expressive market launch line-up with its BRABUS aerodynamic and design elements painted a vivid electric green for an urban look that mirrors the driver’s own green sensibilities.

Open to the city like no other: The smart cabrio electric drive appeals to our sense of fun, wellness, and reason. Whether under open skies or under the premium fabric roof is entirely up to us – and the weather.

With its through-the-roof fun factor, it’s the perfect car for a summer like we’ve never experienced it before.