Control the water flow of London’s Granary Square fountain with the Granary Squirt app – now, you can even play Snake with the water jets.

Once upon a time, only the brave would venture out into King’s Cross after dark. These days, the area has undergone a facelift – and one of its most interesting developments is Granary Square.

Just north of the much-improved King’s Cross train station, Granary Square occupies what was once an industrial wasteland, home to some excellent clubs and a roller rink but not much else. Sitting alongside the Regent’s Canal, it’s where you now find the Central St Martins College of Art and Design, the mouth-watering Kerb food market, and a set of more than 1,080 illuminated water jets that take pride of place in the middle of the square.

Granary Squirt smart magazine
With the Granary Squirt app, you can play a giant game of Snake on the fountains at Granary Square.


Granary Square has been styled as a hub of creativity, so these are no ordinary fountains. Download the Granary Squirt app and you’ll be able to control the jets of water, all lit up with colored lights, via your smartphone. And in the spirit of innovation, the latest Granary Squirt app update now allows you to have even more fun with the water.

Remember Snake, the seminal game that came with the Nokia 3210? Well, now you can turn the fountain into a giant playable version of the game: Connect to the square’s free Wi-Fi, load the app, and a line of water jets will make their way across the fountain. If you tilt your phone forward, they also move forward. Tilt to the right or left to make your snake move accordingly. Up to eight people at a time can play the game between 8pm and 10pm every day. It’s the perfect way to while away a balmy summer’s afternoon before sitting by the canal to talk tactics for the next match.

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For more information on Granary Squirt, check out the website.

Region: 8pm – 10pm, Granary Square, London / United Kingdom
Price: Free
System: iOS 6.0 or higher/Android 2.2 or higher
Size: 9.7 MB/6.7 MB

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