smart has always been more than a car manufacturer. smart is a concept. An idea for urban mobility. An idea that understands the status quo as a challenge – and not as an obstacle. An idea that is at home in the city and interacts with it.

smart magazine is the canvas of this idea. A place for stories about visionaries and creative urbaneers, about projects and initiatives that help to improve life in the city. Sometimes with an eye for detail, sometimes with an eye for the big picture, but always with both eyes on solutions for today’s urban challenges. The aim of the magazine is to highlight possible answers instead of just revealing deficits. The focus is on people with their ideas and palpable projects. And not only that, smart magazine wants to encourage and support urban pioneers to take action through its crowd-driven city initiative.

smart magazine is the brand’s interdisciplinary think tank, leading the dialogue on the smart mission: FOR a new urban joy.